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By Robert Waldman

Robert Waldman

robert waldman movie reviews

Robert Waldman is the main film critic for Club Vibes, Canada's leading night life website and has regular film columns in Vancouver British Coumbia's; The Indo Canadian Voice, Philippine Journal, The Link, El Contacto Directo, Philippine Now, Afro-American News and False Creek News alongside Farrhang. On radio Rob's film analysis is heard on CITR FM 101.9. Apart from films Rob enjoys travel, walking, some sports and is an expert on bondage (no not that kind) as in 007.

Rob works at Hastings Park Race Course when he's not at the movies. As a 29 year employee Robert has long had a love for film and even worked as an intern (not under Bill Clinton) but on a Hollywood shot film in B.C. He has a degree in commerce and arts from UBC in Vancouver, BC Canada.

movie reviews