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Mother! Mother! (PG) * * * *

Mommy Dearest!

Prepare to be freaked out. Paramount Pictures gets a big jump on Halloween with the stylish Mother! Get set to jump out of your seats if you have time to catch your breath at Cineplex Cinemas around B.C.

The witching hour has come early. Nothing comes easy for a new couple relocated to an old fix me up house somewhere in the American countryside. Tranquil and serene is the new address adopted by the new residents simply known as Mother and Him. Young Jennifer Lawrence gets jumpy as the adoring wife while James Bond baddie Javier Bardem exudes a foreboding presence as a frustrated poet.

While our wife busies herself preparing the house elements of a haunting nature start to take over. Worse things happen when a pair of unlikely strangers happen upon the secluded spot and not before long invite themselves to stay. Unless you're a true believer you really have to buy into this visit and take it all in With a big grain of salt . Suspend your belief for a bit and undertake a big leap of faith as guests Woman and Man slowly but surely manage to get under the homeowners skin.

Able to take the plunge into the dark side with nary a sweat are former scream queen Michelle Pfeiffer and once upon a time astronaut Ed Harris. These two ramp up the tension, unease and downright evil as this newly renovated home becomes a stalking ground for all things evil.

Fans of director Darren Aronofsky know he has a take no prisoners attitude and here pushes the limits further with a stylish horror whose atmosphere is chilling to the bone. Blood curling fun (?) develops as Mother! Takes all sorts of sordid turns. All the casting is great only Jennifer Lawrence seems somewhat miscast as her presence is just too genteel and needs more force to confront the rage revolving around this family retreat.

American Assassin American Assassin (PG)

Thrill Kill!

Open your eyes Canada. Bad people are everywhere. Cast a wide net and there's no telling what will pop up. In The days of the Internet the World Wide Web is proving to be a goldmine for terrorist recruitment. See what happens when a renegade American seeks sweet revenge in American Assassin. Settle in for this actioner from EOne Entertainment now blowing away all comers at Cineplex Theatres still left standing across beautiful British Columbia.

Young love cut short is all the motivation a raw recruit needs to sign up for more dangerous quasi military heroics out in the field. Wet around the ears Mitch is not one who puts authority on a pedestal. Rough around the edges Dylan O'Brien shines as Mitch Rapp. Watch the race within all but consume Rapp who almost immediately rubs his new covert training boss the wrong way.

Solid as always Michael Keaton embodies just the right degree of toughness and tact as veteran commander Stan Hulrley, the not so tranquil taskmaster assigned to develop a lethal killing arsenal. Together this pair become involved in a nefarious plot to wreck havoc on much of the world.

Sure the story of a nuclear threat has been done before and some of the action and heroics are hard to fathom. Still the pacing is relentless and the characters developed are believable. Now and then. You just need a get out and kick some butt kind of movie. Here director Michael Cuesta delivers the goods.

Tulip Fever Tulip Fever (PG) * * *

Flower Power!

Engage your senses fully (not silly) with a visit to the International Village Cinemas or possibly The Fifth Ave he Cinemas to take in Tulip Fever. In a welcome departure from summer fluff this engaging drama from EOne Entertainment and The Weinstein Company features solid acting and an offbeat yet rewarding story.

Most people like flowers. Tulip Fever takes us back in time to the mid seventeenth century to scenic Amsterdam. Affairs of the heart take many forms. When a wealthy merchant in The flower trade takes on a new young wife in hopes of having a child let's just say there's a chilly reception,

James Bond SPECTRE bad guy Christophe Waltz ( Inglorious Basterds) plays a member of the pompous elite with relish. No one does it better. Out to make a better life for herself is the much younger Alicia Vikander who hatches a diabolical scheme to branch out and sow her own seeds. Wild oats come in many forms and this wealthy household holds many secrets as indiscretions go unchallenged. Or do they? Stay tuned,

Fellow 007 alumni Dame Judi Dench gives religion a good name in this zestful tale that looks at young and not so young love. On view is a terrific moody atmosphere of mid 1600s Europe and a rather realistic take on the action packed floral trade.

Though a touch long if you enjoy art, love stories, and the lengths people will go to. Be with the one they love then Tulip Fever will be right up your alley.

Bruce Lee: Birth of The Dragon Bruce Lee: Birth of The Dragon (PG) * * * *

Hai Karate!

Legends are few and far between. Icons in Hollywood are also a rarity. Perhaps a list might include The Duke (aka John Wayne), Clint Eastwood (as Dirty Harry and The Man With No Name), Sylvester Stallone as Rocky and Rambo ( the two rs) and perhaps a more recent Harrison Ford as famed archaeologist Indiana Jones. Oh, and let's not forget the legend of all Legends - Sean Connery, the real James Bond Agent 007. Only one man could ever have equaled ( or perhaps surpassed) the global phenomena that would become Mr. Kiss Bang Bang licensed to kill trademark - the incomparable Bruce Lee. Audiences get to relive those heady times when the Asian wonder was just gaining popularity. See the growth of an international hero with Bruce Lee: Birth of the Dragon. Yes there have been other movies about the famed superstar before. Lucky for us this Touchwood PR release is fun and entertaining from start to finish. Catch all the excitement at the Scotiabank Theatre. Metropolis. Silver City Riverport and Coquitlam Cinemas

Unlike your standard Kung fu movie this tale has a unique story. Set In San Francisco in 1964 our story is a tale of two wise men. On the one hand we have the up and coming street smart Bruce Lee out to make a name for himself. Contrast this "personality" with much more reserved fellow martial arts practitioner Wolf Jack Man who prefers using his mind and psychology plus sound reasoning over brute force. Out to show their stuff and strut their stuff are Philip Ng and Yu Xia.

Though made a year ago the casting of this film works flawlessly. Elements of forced labour and a penchant for gambling among Asians add a sense of mystery and pride to the proceedings. Seriousness aside, most folks go to see a martial arts movie for the stunts. Lucky for them the fighting and action sequences work well here. And Ng captures beautifully the cockiness and raw talent of a man destined to become a true superstar of the highest order.

Lucky Logan Lucky Logan (PG) * * *

Southern Charm!

Folksy fun and good old fashioned charm highlight Lucky Logan. Fresh and fun is this invigorating and inspiring flick from Entertainment One now strutting its stiff at Cineplex Cinemas around B.C including Scotiabank.

Unexpected going against type performance pahighlight this hip Steven Soderbergh saga. Heartthrob Channing Tatum dumbs down as a down on his luck good old southern boy trying to cope with some family and job re-adjustments not exactly to his liking or of his choosing. To make cash troubles go away the lad signs up some friends and a con or two for an ambitious and nefarious plan to rob and make (really take) some money,

Aided and abetted by blonde soon to be reborn Bond Daniel Craig the gang meticulously plan a heist. Like clockwork things go bad as the pressure builds.. First class direction by Soderbergh ensures never a dull moment in this classy caper. Different? For sure. Engaging? Fully.

Take a break and take in This cousin to Ocean's Eleven. Just substitute NASCAR for Vegas and you've got it made in the shade.

The Hitman's Bodyguard The Hitman's Bodyguard (PG) * * *

Smack Down!

Vancouver's main man is front and centre in The Hitman's Bodyguard. Consider this action lark to be pure summertime fun courtesy of VVS Films. Tap into the excitement at Cineplex cinemas around B.C. Such as Scotiabank.

Over the top in the extreme British Columbia's favourite son Ryan Reynolds stars as a crackerjack bodyguard. Call Michael Bryce the elite of the elite . No one can be at the top of their game forever - especially in this line of work. Relief may be in sight as a new assignment may improve the man's ho hum life . Or turn it into chaos.

Hired to protect hit man Darius Kincaid this pair turn out to be the ultimate odd couple. Scene stealer and love guru Samuel L. Jackson is at his his humorous best as the sharp shooting acid tongued wit whose poetic music and romantic advice would even get Dr. Ruth to do a double take.

Success for a buddy type film like this almost solely rests on the chemistry of the lead actors. Lucky for us Reynolds and Jackson are wonderful together. Chemistry and laughs are omnipresent here as this chase story starting in Britain runs its course. Classy intrigue and a jaunt to Amsterdam buoyed by another flamboyant performance by acting ace Gary Oldman make the carnage unfolding all around fun to witness from afar.

Wind River Wind River (PG) * * * *

Chill Out!

Some groups in society get raw deals. British Columbians especially know the plight of missing Aboriginal women. Clearly this blight on society has gone under the radar. Now with the VVS Films release of Wind River perhaps this issue may come time fore. Inspired by true events this drama is both gripping and thrilling. Best of all it features top notch performances. Check it all out at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Crisp dialogue and an honest atmosphere are revealed by director Tom Sheridan. Pricing that the Oscar nominated Hell or High Water was no fluke the determined director turns his sights to a remote Indian reserve. Bad things can happen to good people. Snowy Wyoming is the setting for this murky thriller. Now used to the snow Jeremy Renner gets top billing as Local trafficker for the wildlife department who by chance encounters a dreadful crime.

Bad news travels fast and when the local authorities headed by veteran acting ace Graham Greene admit they are in over their depths a friendly FBI agent is sent to help out. Out of her element Elizabeth Olsen plays the travel weary federal investigator who learns the hard way that life out in the wilderness is not all it's cracked up to be..

How this particular crime unfolds and the efforts to get at the truth are mind blowing. No punches are pulled and there's no telling the good guys from the bad as the stakes,are,raised sky high in this fight for vengeance and redemption.

Here's one suspense laden thriller that is original, crippling and will keep you guessing and min the edge if your seats throughout.

Annabelle: Creation Annabelle: Creation (PG) * * * *

Freak Out!

Dream big. Chills should go down your spine if you are brave enough to check into Annabelle: Creation. Horror films recently have been dull. Not so here. Warner Brothers pulls out all the stops in this bonafide chiller. On view at Cineplex theatres around B.C. Annabelle: Creation is making inroads.

Here we go again. A rather religious family in a small rural town faces a loss of a child. Clues abound as to what happens over the next 12 years. Suffice it to say that bad things begin to pile up when a small group of orphaned girls find their way to the still grieving parents' home

Able to glamour down and say lots of Hail Mary's James Bond recent squeeze Stephanie Sigman shows her acting chops as the leader of the girls. Where this movie succeeds is the characters all have their own personalities as do a few odd dolls. Thanks to a very creepy atmosphere and sly direction that doesn't use music to give away upcoming jolts Annabelle: Creation is that rare little gem that has suspense in abundance.

Atomic Blonde Atomic Blonde (PG) * * *

Shady Lady!

Word on the street is that the next James Bond movie will come out in 2019. Just last year the original Jason Bourne returned to active duty. In Between these cultural pop icons see a woman take on the baddies in Atomic Blonde Fresh fun from Universal Pictures is hitting its stride at scores of Cineplex Theatres around B.C.

Lots of intrigue reached a natural crescendo during the Cold War. East versus west was the order of the day way back when. Amidst this turmoil our story begins. Set in the days of the dwindling Berlin Wall comes a foxy lady from Great Britain on a mission.

Fit and svelte Charlize Theron packs quite a punch as a feisty MI6 operative sent to both Berlins when news of a colleague's demise reaches home. Under the watchful eye of handler James McAvoy the able lady runs into a wall of foes and non stop danger. Told in a smart flash forward style Atomic Blonde simply proves that anything a man can do a woman can do better.

Superb stunts brilliantly choreographed with Charlize Theron giving an ultra macho performance that even Sean Connery would be proud of - just minus that old classic 007 style from the swinging 60s. Given This woman's charm and a never give up attitude make Atomic Blonde simply irresistible.

Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3 (G) * * * *

Rough Ride!

Call it third time lucky. Third time is the charm for Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment as they deliver Us pure joy with Despicable Me 3. Bound to appeal to kids and adults alike this wild and crazy animated lark is ours in fun. Catch a good time with this movie at Cineplex Theatres around BC.

Where you've seen any of the previous two Despicable Me movies makes no difference here. Back in the saddle for more merry mayhem is the delicious evil power comrade in arms Gru. Voiced again by Steve Carrell our man Gru has somehow turned the other cheek and working for - who else - the government. Along with his agile crime fighting wife this dynamic duo do what they can to rid the world of nasties while busy at home trying to raise three young daughters

Whole Gru has apparently turned the other cheek a new menace is wrecking havoc in the world. Done up in campy style is the slick and dance happy Balthazar Bratt. Now it!s showtime and the ultimate battle if good versus evil in This rock em sock em funny bone feast,

Vivid colours and bright dialogue pepper the screen with laughs galore. Real creativity and superior stunts that are as playful and imaginary as can be make this film a total treat.

Baby Driver Baby Driver (PG) * * * *

Hot Pursuit!

Original films in Hollywood are few and far between. Good writing and appealing characters can and do go a long way to make movies memorable. Someone at Sony Pictures clearly made the right choice by giving the green light to make Baby Driver. Decidedly different this dazzling display of acting, romancing, racing and murder is now driving its point home at Cineplex Theatres across British Columbia.

Good films right from the get go grab your attention. Director/writer Edgar Wright is right in establishing a fully likeable character living in a not so likeable world. Known to friends and all who care as Baby we have as our main hero a baby-faced "kid" who makes his living driving cars. Star in the making Ansel Elgort simply sizzles as the go to guy when the mob needs a wheel man. Please forget about the hot wheels approach made famous by Vin and comic that not so fast Fast and Furious fame, This kid will simply have them spinning their wheels and leave me in the dust.

Every criminal in the making needs a boss. Who better than nice guy Kevin Spacey to show the lad the ropes when it comes to making crime pay. So Baby joins a crew of malcontents and the quartet manage to wreck havoc on Atlanta. But tensions ultimately arise amongst the team which includes the likes of Jamie Foxx and John Hamm hamming it up considerably to make their points while increasing the size of their bank accounts.

Illicit gains from criminal activities ultimately take their toll on many of those concerned. When Baby meets a young woman played by Lily James it sets his already mixed up mind into overdrive. Being responsible for clean getaways and a new blossoming romance further heightens the tension in this truly original drama that works on all levels.

Over the top? Yes. But with one of the best soundtracks ever put to film and a truly dazzling display from Ansel Elgort whose charisma is contagious Baby Driver ascends to the level of instant classic. And consider Edgar Wright to be a master of the crime czar in a fresh face way. Reminiscent of Tarantino and Bonnie and Clyde all rolled into one Baby Driver is definitely worth a test drive. But better buckle up. You're in for one hell of a ride,

Beatriz at Dinner Beatriz at Dinner (PG) * * * *

Festive Treat!

Dinner is an important meals the day. Family sit downs and breaking bread with friends is a time honoured tradition. Few could predict the aftermath of a "friendly" after hours meal in Beatriz at Dinner. Be sure to make an early reservation to see this cinematic treat from Elevation Pictures now serving up quality entertainment at Vancouver's Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Some important issues are touched on in Beatriz at Dinner. Cast as Beatriz in a very impressive dramatic role is Salma Hayek. Respected for her healing abilities this immigrant worker has made quite the impact at a California wellness centre . Among her clients are an upscale couple who now consider her part of the family.

During a normal session at the upscale couple's home one thing leads to another and as a friend of the family she is invited to stay for dinner. Somewhat out of place the other guests mix and mingle and before you know it this misfit becomes a rather eventful interloper with all sorts of unexpected surprises on the menu.

Wild and wooly Beatriz at Dinner comes off as a totally unpredictable and truly eventful evening out. Scene stealer John Lithgow is at his best in a part that could well make Donald Trump proud. Consider this film to be an excellent example of the haves and have nots doing battle with a green agenda thrown in to make things even more interesting. Something totally different and highly engaging is this smartly written creative cultural gem.

All Eyez On Me All Eyez On Me (PG) * * * *


Fame, like life, can be fleeting. Follow the path of an inspiring singer in All Eyez On Me. Young people into music will likely know this is a song made famous by rapper Tupac Shakur. See the making of a legend in this faithful look into the icon's life. Give it up to VVS Films for bringing this drama to British Columbia audiences at the International Village Cinemas.

Whether you're into rap or not people should find this look into the making of legend in the making meaningful and highly entertainment. Blessed with a superb cast director Benny Boom faithfully looks at this man's troubled young life before he hit his groove as a street-smart singer with a connection to the plight of struggling Afro Americans at a time when they were decidedly oppressed.

Consider it lucky for all that the man chosen to bring such a conflicted creative genius to the screen was Demetrius Shipp, Jr. In a star-making performance. All the Girls , glitz and glamour of the gangster/rap lifestyle are shown warts and all as we see one man's rise to the music throne before being cut off at the seams. Infighting and the road to success are paved with uncertainties and Tupac's involvement with Death Row Records and a previous white record label paint a troubling portrait of The ruthlessness of the entire entertainment business

Full of music and an effective commentary on the plight of the disadvantaged with highly charged concert footage All Eyez on Me is a fascinating look at a one of a kind performer and the larger than life figures that have dominated the hip pop rap scene for decades.

Rough Night Rough Night (PG) * * *

Jail Bait!

Bad things can happen to good people. And vice versa. Four or make that five school days chums wind up in Quite the pickle in Rough Night. Take nothing for granted during this boisterous affair now going for gut laughs at Cineplex Theatres around B.C.

School times can be raucous. Quite often folks and classes set up reunions to reconnect with past friends. When a decade later five somewhat established ladies decide to get together for some well-deserved r & r . So this diametrically opposed quintet set sail for Miami. Little Havana will never be the same

Mother hen to this odd coupling is all smiles political operative Scarlett Johansson. Watch how fast those grins turn to frowns as the group wind up smack dab in the midst of a murder. Manners go out the window in a hurry as this wacky group do what they can to stay one step ahead of the law. Warm bodies never served up so many laughs egged on by one delicious I face mask. Consider this party ideal for The Hangover and Bridesmaids fanatics.

Yes we've seen movies like this before. Here some great lines carry the day along with some insanely funny predicaments as the ladies go through the motions in a decidedly politically incorrect kind of way.

The Mummy The Mummy (PG) * * *


Back I. The 50s and 60s Universal Studios rose high as the master of the horror genre. Classics like Frankenstein and The Wear Wolf had huge followings including being immortalized forever through Aurora models. Step back in Time to see the seeds of decadent danger unfold in The Mummy. Vastly superior to the bland Brendan Fraser effort trust Tom Cruise to hit the Mark. See an ancient ritual come to life at Cineplex Theatres across B.C.

Given a good story The Mummy rocks. First we go back in time to see just how a member of Egyptian royalty decided to make her mark at her father's expense. Destined to death the anointed one is left In box deep inside the desert far from the maddening crowd. Few could predict that centuries later the remnants of that fatal day would somehow rise to the surface,

Into this mix a born adventurer working for the American military winds up at the centre of a firestorm. Tom Cruise does heroes good and is in top form as the man caught between two women steeped in ancient Egyptian mythology. Modern London is ground zero as those bandaged madmen ( and women) do battle with a determined soldier of fortune and a power mad scientist Doctor played with lots of ham by Russell Crowe.

Made in 3-D with sizzling effects The Mummy is a haunting mystery with campy effects and a couple of female performers who decidedly make their presences felt.

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman (PG) * * *

Foxy Lady!

Super heroes come and go. Some are good. Some are bad. Most are male. At long last women come of age as a bonafide female takes centre stage in Wonder Woman. For a change Warner Brothers delivers a winning effort here. Unlike the dark tones of too many forgettable Batman and Suicide encounters comes a light hearted lark that's full on fun. Make your day by taking in this delightful fantasy now giving fans hope at Cineplex theatres around B.C.

Not too often do television series make a successful transition to the silver screen. Long gone is the camp from the popular Lynda Carter series and instead we are given an insightful look into how this amazing Amazonian warrior emerged as a top flight heroine second to none.

Inspiring in all her heroic forms is newcomer Gal Gadot who shines ever so bright as perhaps the eighth wonder of the world whose training by a Greek group of athletic Amazons puts her in good stead to take on a group of insanely driven Nazis bent on destroying the world. Every good woman needs a good man and our Diana finds her guide to the outside world in the form of an out of his league airman turned spy made oh so easy-going in a shy, needy sort of way by Chris Pine.

Sparks do fly just below the surface as together Gadot and Pine click in an oh so sweet way in the romantic arena. Their mild love affair pails in comparison to the heroics the pair unleash when they almost single-handedly do battle with the Evil Nazis. Indiana Jones never had it so rough (just kidding).

Women and men of all ages will be rooting as we watch one women seemingly take on the world. Whenever she is on screen - and it is a lot - Gadot radiates and truly carries this film.. Add on impressive, imaginative sets that Bond maestro Sir Ken Adam would be proud of, stunts galore, wild action shoot outs and a coyly written puppy love romance between a man of the world and a lady hold up in a cocoon way too long and who is unaccustomed to any sort of dating rituals and you have a fun time indeed. Despite being a good 10 or so minutes too long Wonder Woman is one of the best super hero movies in years.

The Belko Experiment The Belko Experiment (PG) * * *

Danger Zone!

Few can doubt the daily danger omnipresent in Columbia, one of the deadliest places in the world. Known far and wide for the illicit drug trade audiences get a stark reminder of the mindless mayhem confronting that country in The Belko Experiment. Forget about drugs though. Something evil descends on a closed knit community in this harrowing experience from Touchwood PR now freaking folks out most likely at the International Village Cinemas. Go to for Showtimes and theatre locations,

Choose where you work wisely. Young and old, White and Latino with a nice ethnic mix of Asian and black individuals make up the work force at Belko Industries. Here the tech savvy ply their trade at this ultra modern industrial facility that does important work for various levels of government and military agencies. Wall to wall security from roof to floor abounds in this modern compound. Why even CEO Barry Norris is not immune from witnessing first hand the security protocols under the glaring glow of Tony Goldwyn.

Even with all the armed guards and serious precautions somehow something evil has invaded the work space. So begins a very unsettling and tense standoff as a mystery voice on the sound system begins to terrorize the captive population with nary a helping hand in Sight. Talk about unyielding and relentless violence, How the prisoners at their own job location try to survive the onslaught of the violence is mind numbing,

Perfect pacing and an eerie science laden atmosphere with great tension among those wanting To survive helped make The Belko Experiment quite the little journey into hell. Play it safe and just scratch Bogota off of your travel plans. Instead see this heart-pounding jaw-dropping movie that effectively questions man's inhumanity to man in the face of unspeakable horror.

The Dinner The Dinner (PG) * * * * *

Soup's On!

Election fever seems to be gripping the globe. Right now we all were surprised by the snap election call in Great Britain and R pending ballot count in France. Loyal British Columbians go to the polls with dreadful choices on May 9. Without question you will be making the right. Without question you will be making the right choice by taking in The Dinner. Just be sure to make your reservations for this movie from Taro PR opening at the International Village Cinemas.

Perfect timing sees the release of this well conceived drama. Oscar calibre performances abound here.Handsome Richard Gere ( An Officer and a Gentleman) puts his nice guy image to the test as Stan Lohman, a politician on the move and on the make with a governorship on his mind. Contrast this consummate successful go-getter with brother Paul.

A man with some issues funnyman Steve Coogan ( A Night at the Museum) surprises all with a sure-fire Oscar nod as a conflicted man wrestling with problems most of us can relate to. Together these two share an interesting past but over members of the family somehow impact their two lives in ways unimaginable.

One night the pair and their engaging wives decide to go out for dinner. Nothing unusual here. Stan being on the public payroll likes to go first class so the four cozy up at a fine eatery. Impressive is the way director Oren Moverman cooks up delicious dishes delivered with pomp and ceremony by first class waiters and maitre d's whose knowledge and preparation of cuisine is second to none.

Sparks fly in between the dishes as we witness elements of this family's past and current woes sure to make any man or woman shake in their boots. Emotions run high as all these four relatives unravel themselves in each other's pain, sorrow and hopes when confronted with life-altering events.

Frank discussion of relevant social subjects we all face serves to heighten the tension in this overpowering film that truly features standout acting, dialogue and moving characters. Stirring performances by Laura Linney and Rebecca Hall as suitable table mates makes The Dinner an unforgettable night out where the stakes are sky high and the results compelling.

The Green Hell The Green Hell (G) * * * *

Full Throttle!

Fast and Furious - look out. And please do not confuse The Green Hell with The Green Mile. Instead get inspired by this thrilling car driven juggernaut from Touchwood Pr that gets it's own special screening in a limited engagement at Vancouver's prestigious Park Theatre. Part of the Cineplex Events series this amazing show is well worth the effort to seek out.

Full of history and uncanny vintage footage this documentary on Formula 1 racing is a car enthusiast's dream. Director Hannes Michael Schalle is an obvious admirer of racing, so how he managed to cobble together vintage clips and news reel footage of Germany's famed Norburgring race track is a marvel. Complete with insightful interviews from those who were there we see the construction of the track and the importance this enterprise played in Germany from the late nineteenth Century through the Hitler years and well into the 1970s.

Part of German pride this economic powerhouse helped usher in Europe's love affair with the automobile as perennial heavyweights Mercedes Benz and Porsche fought it out for bragging rights at winner's circle and as a way to improve and expand their manufacturing base and their own car popularity among consumers. A bit late on the scene but not to be outdone the British were not far behind as the likes of Stirling Moss and Aston Matin were to become household names throughout the 60s and 70s.

Thrilling races at the track are wonderfully captured in this highly enjoyable look at the development of road racing in Germany and beyond and Formula 1's impact on a public yearning for more.

May 10 Wednesday. 7:00 PM. The Park Theatre Vancouver
May 25 Thursday 7:00 PM. The Park Theatre Vancouver

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 (PG) * *

Faulty Towers!

From out of nowhere a few years back a Canadian cop buddy movie called Bon Cop Bad Cop entered what had always been a traditional bastion of Hollywood. Against all odds the film was a success not only in Canada but also in the U.S. Back for more mayhem in this entertainment One release are that original dynamic duo for Bon Cop Bad Cop. And the good news is that the results aren't that bad. Check out a unique slice of Canadiana at Cineplex cinemas across B.C.

Baggage comes in all shapes and sizes. And here we're not talking about disgraced United or American Airlines. Two aging police make very strange bedfellows when trying to out out if business a car fencing operation. Suffice it to say that the antics of The Fast and Furious crowd have nothing on the friendship of Martin Ward and Dave Bouchard. Often at odds and with family problems of their own Colm Feore and Patrick Houard work well off of one another.

Nothing is quite as it appears in this story. So when a simple car theft ring turns out to be anything but all bets are off as our Canadian lawmen face off against some heavy handed criminals and aloof officials in this free-spirited lark.

Call it a black comedy of sorts. Director Alain Desrochers succeeds in building up some interesting characters and layers them well with issues that cloud both their determined minds and set ways. . Include a certain twist that ups the ante considerably and we are witnessing an odd but fun little cop/buddy movie.

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